• Al Wueira
    Al Wueira
    Al-Wu’ayra Castle,
    Vaux Moise, also known as Li Vaux Moise (The Valley of Moses), is a small crusader castle close to Wadi Musa in the former Kingdom of Jerusalem(in present-day Jordan). It was founded by Baldwin I of Jerusalem as an outpost of the larger crusader castle at Montreal (Karak).The castle is a small spur castle on a narrow ridge with smooth sides. Its military effectiveness is due more to its remote and inaccessible location than impressive fortifications. Its most remarkable architectural feature is a gatehouse excavated from solid rock which guards the bridge at the entrance. This castle was built in the 12th century.
  • Al Habis
    Al Habis
    El Habis,
    in the heart of Petra, was built on the summit of el-Habis, the camel-shaped mountain that rises above the rest house and museum. This anonymous Crusader on top of the hill overlooking downtown Petra, near Shawbak, was probably built by Baldwin of Jerusalem ca.509/1115 AD. The fort had an arch that possessed a bossed keystone that was found not far down slope on the Petra side.


  • Ajloun
  • Kerak
  • Petra
  • Shawbak
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